Reliable and secure disinfection of flexible
ENT scopes and TEE Probes
in just 60 seconds

This is possible with the certified and validated UV Smart D60.

No chemicals, no water and no disposables

The most sustainable and environmentally
friendly solution for patient and user.
In just 4 easy steps.

Fully traceable

Among other things, the D60 keeps track of who cleans, disinfects, and removes an ENT scope
from the D60 after one cycle.

Place the D60 directly on the ward

Stop long transport times with risk of cross-contamination in case of an error or during delays in the procedure.

With the right setup, the UV Smart D60 provides an effective and fast disinfection method

Pre-cleaning according to protocol is an important step in the
entire cleaning and disinfection process. Thus, create a reliable work environment with competent and skilled employees.

  • Education and training
  • Review and certification by experts
  • Periodic audit of employees
  • Create reliable and proper working environment

''Very nice that after extensive research, testing and setting up the right process, this sustainable technique can now be used to reliably disinfect channel-less scopes on site. Great example of high-quality patient care in the right place.''

Anke van Rosmalen

Accredited SPD manager at Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland

Manual cleaning of flexible
ENT scopes without channels when using the UV Smart D60

Learn more about this reliable process for flexible ENT scopes here.
with a minimum Log-4 reduction

  • Whitepaper - Qualitative Manual Cleaning
  • Research report - ETZ Location Elisabeth
  • Clinical study - Marburg University Hospital
Download whitepaper & studies

Manual cleaning protocol before using the UV Smart D60

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Questions about the UV Smart D60?

This new method naturally raises questions. Your responsibilities include patient safety and the quality of the production process.

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Frequently asked questions

Would you like to know more about UV Smart D60? Then do not hesitate to contact us

Does the UV Smart D60 have FDA registration?

The D60 is registered at the FDA as a class IIa medical device. In addition, UV Smart Technologies B.V. has had a NEN-EN-ISO 13485 certificate since May 2020. This certification is the international standard for manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of medical devices to show that they comply with the legal requirements for medical devices.

How do I safeguard my disinfection and pre-cleaning process?

The user of the D60 receives training (every user). A track and trace system checks if you have had the training if you want to use the D60. The user must sign with his/her badge after each step (pre-cleaning, leak test, etc.). In addition, the D60 has an IMS (Indepent Monitoring System) with sensors that release each disinfection cycle. You can request the pre-cleaning process from the ENT scope supplier.

What about compatibility/damage to ENT scope materials?

The D60 has received a compatibility statement from Xion and Pentax. Studies have shown that the D60 does not damage their flexible ENT scopes. Compared to chemicals (e.g. peracetic acid), the flexible ENT scopes in the D60 remain as new. Because the flexible ENT ENT scope can be disinfected directly in the department, there is also less chance of damage during transport.

Does the D60 have a track and trace system?

Yes, there is a track and trace system in the D60. The person using the D60 must scan their badge and the flexible ENT ENT scope before the D60 is opened. After the cycle, the person is asked to scan their badge again, after which the door can be opened. This data is stored in the D60, you can read out this information via a manual step if with UV soft.

How can I be sure that the entire flexible ENT scope has been disinfected?

The D60 has a validation sensor that measures whether the correct UV based technology values are achieved.