UV Smart’s Impelux™ technology

Impelux™ technology is used in all UV Smart products. Using Impelux™ technology, the complete surface of the equipment to be disinfected is guaranteed and validated. The combined effect of Impelux™ results in the ten characteristics of UV Smart equipment.

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The ten UV Smart Impelux™ properties

Impelux™ technology provides the ten properties that UV Smart considers critical for its disinfection equipment. After more than 100 user interviews and 50 clinical studies, these properties were found to be critical for UV technology-based disinfection equipment.

Disinfection with Impelux™ technology guarantees an effective way to combat healthcare-associated infections. This creates a reliable environment for healthcare workers and patients.

Effective on the full spectrum of micro-organisms
Proven by
clinical research
fast disinfection
Automated and consistent disinfection cycle
Cold and dry
disinfection method
Reliable method for
(materials of) equipment
disinfection chamber
Sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly
Easy to install, ready to use
Each disinfection cycle

Impelux™ technology applied