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D25 implementation at an orthodontist


The orthodontic practice Orthopoint in Belgium uses the D25 more than fifty times a day. Read here what they use the D25 for.

How D25 is used:

We work with two orthodontists at Orthopoint. Here we use the D25 after every patient, and we get about 6 patients per hour. So we often use it more than 50 times a day. I use the D25 for everything I hold that doesn't need to be sterilised. So if I grab something and don't use it invasively on the patient, I disinfect it in the D25.

We often use it more than fifty times a day.

What do you disinfect in the D25?

Anything that I can get my hands on and that doesn't need to be sterilised:

o Telephones,

o Mirrors,

o Pliers,

o Polymerisation lamp

o Intra-oral mirror

o Retention mouths

o But also the mouse of a computer,

o A keyboard, etc.

What is the advantage of the D25:

It's important to me that using the D25 is fast, effective and hassle-free. It gives an extra sense of security because they can see that I am doing everything I can to work cleanly and create a safe environment. Because it is visible, they often ask about it.

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