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Launch of the UV Smart D60


On 31 March, the D60 was officially launched, and we are very proud of it! The D60 is now certified (class IIa) and clinically validated. With the D60, you can now disinfect channelless ENT scopes and TEE probes with UV technology in just 60 seconds.

Launch of the UV Smart D60

We are very proud to announce the official launch of the UV Smart D60. Our team has worked hard on the research, development and production of the device, and the moment is finally here! We received a CE mark (class IIa) on 31 March.

With the D60, you can disinfect channelless flexible ENT scopes and TEE probes in 60 seconds. The D60 can be placed directly on the department as it only needs a power outlet. Together with the short cycle, the D60 ensures a quick turnaround time in the department, therefore less stock is needed.

The D60 achieves a minimum of a log-4 reduction across the spectrum of infection-causing micro-organisms. In addition, the D60 has received compatibility statements from major endoscope manufacturers. Research has shown that the D60 does not damage their scopes. Compared to chemicals, the scopes in the D60 actually remain as new.

Several hospitals have already tried out the D60 during a demo. In April, the first D60 will be installed at the Franciscus Gasthuis. We are very happy with that. More information and pictures will follow soon!

Sustainable method

As the D60 works with UV technology, it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. It is a disinfection method without chemicals and water, and requires little energy. View the calculator here to see how much you can save with the D60.

Distribution in the Benelux and UK

We are pleased that Pentax Medical will be distributing the D60 in the Benelux and the UK! Pentax Medical provides endoscopic imaging equipment and solutions to the global medical community.

If you are interested in the D60, please contact us using this form.

Daan Hoek (Left), John Kroeze van Pentax (Centre), Thijs Kea (Right)

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