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Disinfection at Schiphol


Travellers can disinfect personal belongings at Schiphol with UV technology

In addition to existing corona measures, Schiphol has three new disinfection points where travellers can disinfect their personal belongings, such as telephones, passports and keys, with UV technology. Travellers can find the three so-called 'Sanitising Service' points at Schiphol Plaza, in Lounge 2 and between Arrivals Hall 3 and 4. This means that visitors, arriving, departing and transferring passengers can all make use of the service points.

The Sanitising Service consists of four sections: in all sections, travellers can disinfect their hands, clean items with wet wipes and use hand cream. In addition, there is a place where travellers can disinfect their personal items with UV and there is a section specially equipped for families. The family area makes it easy for parents and children to use the service, as it is specially adapted in height and made attractive for children.

The hand gel in these service points is made from Dutch tulip bulbs, which are too small for cultivation. The hand gel is therefore produced entirely sustainably. The UV device is also of Dutch origin. An employee is regularly present at the Sanitising Service to welcome users and to assist them, such as when disinfecting the equipment based on UV technology

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